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You couldn't be in better hands than the ones of a native South American. Be my guest, your fantastic journey to South America begins here.

I was born and raised in South America and love it to the bone. Love its people, mountains, lakes, rivers a jungles.
Love its food, love its smell and above all, I love its raw, savage beauty.

In describing South America I might forget many interesting facts and reasons for you to go, but I would never forget to love it hard enough.

If you think I'm biased you are absolutely right, because I am raving fan of South America.

It's magic, it's wild...it's unique!...


To travel South America is one of the most enriching and rewarding experiences in the life of every traveller and this site is devoted to it.

No matter if you are and independent/solo traveller, family on vacation, a couple on a romantic escape or hard-core adventure seeker.

South America is a unique experience waiting to be discovered by you in the form that you enjoy best.

About this Website:

Unique South America Travel Experience.com (USATE) is the product of over three decades travelling South America and the world as a whole.

To introduce you to the fourth-largest continent in the world is not a task to be accomplished overnight, rather a work in progress.

I'm gradually adding how-to guides, things to do, personal recommendations, places I'd like you to visit and other relevant info regarding this magical region, so make sure to come back regularly to get the latest and updated content.

You will find very easy to navigate this website.
It's divided by countries so you can quickly select your desired destination and places of interest.

In most cases, I include some historic background of the place or city I'm writing about, add personal experiences, must-visit list of attractions, how to get there and suggested places to stay you can book right away.

Also strive to provide you with good quality photography and even some videos to help you get the feeling of the place and to travel in anticipation.

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Let's travel to South America now, beginning with a global vision of the continent as a whole..