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Exploring Chile's stunning diversity


When it comes to diversity, Chile will largely exceed your expectations. It's hard to imagine a country as geographically diverse as this one, where a massive desert (Atacama desert, highest and driest in the world) combines with the eternal ice and glaciers of Chilean Patagonia, all rolled up into a single country.

How is that for contrast and diversity?

The following Chile tours give you the option to explore de country in several ways, as a standalone package or combined with a visit to nearby capital cities such as La Paz (Bolivia) or Buenos Aires (Argentina). Furthermore, you can customize your tour the way you like it.

Whichever way you choose to go, if we can give you a personal suggestion, don't leave out Easter Island, particularly if you're fond of archaeology and ancient civilizations. Rapa Nui is just a fantastic open-air archaeological museum, unique in the world and the most isolated place on Earth.

In Rapa Nui language, the island was originally named Te Pito O Te Henua - The Navel of the World. We all know it as Easter island only because it was "discovered" on Easter day of 1722 by Dutch sailor Jakob Roggeneen.

Another suggestion we'd like to make is to consider a visit to Torres del Paine. Chile is Nature at a colossal scale, probed by the number of protected areas, comprising 32 national parks, 48 natural reserves and 15 natural monuments.

While the most visited parks include Puyehue Nat. Park and Vicente Pérez Rosales Nat. Park, Torres del Paine (Towers of Paine) configure what may be South America's finest national park.

If you choose to explore the Lakes region, also known as the "Switzerland of the South", do your best to include Chiloé island as part of your tour. From architecture - 14 of its wooden churches are Unesco World Heritage Sites - to cuisine (try a curanto lunch if you could) the Chilote culture is based on a very particular mythology of witchcraft, ghost ships and forest gnomes that makes it a very distinctive South American culture.

To give you a better insight about how to organize your own Chile tour, let us refer to the list Chilean nationals themselves have voted as the country's top seven wonders in 2010, out of a list of thirty sights and attractions previously selected by a panel of experts. See the list of top places to visit in Chile.


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