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Exploring South America's best-kept secret


Over the last few years, Colombia has become an increasingly important tourist destination in South America. Well, no wonder, Colombia truly has it all. With a booming tourism industry, more and more people worldwide are hearing about the country's excellent climate, superb natural landscapes and the warmth of its people.

In fact, the following Colombia tours are the perfect starting point to plan your vacation.

For a country twice the size of France, the amount of attractions is outstanding, Andean peaks, unspoit Caribbean beaches, colonial cities, archaeological ruins of a distant past and more. If fond of archaeological tourism, you should definitely include San Agustín ruins, with its over 500 live-size sculped statues of uncertain origin.

So it's Tierradentro Archaeological Park with its elaborated underground tombs shrouded in mystery. And then a visit to the Lost City of the Tayrona, in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta is highly recommended. Known as Ciudad Perdida, it was built between 11th and 14th centuries by the Tyrona civilization. It's believed to be 650 years older than Machu Picchu, in Peru.

If fond of history and architecture, you'll definitely include a visit to Villa de Leyva, a beautifully preserved colonial town not too far from Bogota. By the way, while in Bogota, a visit to La Candelaria neighborhood is a must. To get a hint of it, have a look at the Colombia Photo Gallery.

And above all, don't leave out Cartagena de Indias, a World Heritage Site founded in 1533. Cartagena has outstanding militar and colonial architecture within the ciudad amurallada, considered to be the best preserved in Latin America.

Naturally, being Colombia world famous for its coffee, you may want to explore the coffee region - Zona Cafetera - and taste their excellent Java, or to travel down South to discover the Colombian Amazon rainforest, with Leticia at its epicenter.

For beach lovers and water sports oriented, Santa Marta, together with San Andres and Providencia islands are a paradise for snorkeling and scuba diving. In fact, Providencia's barrier coral reef is the third largest in the world, making an aquatic heaven for diving. Don't leave out Islas del Rosario either, a day trip from Cartagena.

For many reasons, Bogota - Colombia's capital - should be part of your Colombia tourism experience, whether you choose a package tour or customize your own. The so called "Athens of South America" has a very reach cultural life, with absolutely everything one wants from a big city.

The list of Colombia tourist attractions could go on and on. To get you started, pick one of the following Colombia tours and you'll get to discover South America's best-kept secret...


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