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It's hard to find in South America a country as small, as kind, friendly and safe than Uruguay. Whether you'd like to explore it on a vacation (check the following Uruguay tours to get a handful of options) or in search of a retirement place, the little Banda Oriental del Uruguay - official name in Spanish - it's definitely a country to travel to in any case.

Progressive, stable and culturally sophisticated, it's a marvel to discover. If you are a beach lover, Uruguay's 600 + km coastline provide you with plenty of options to explore.

Starting from Montevideo beaches (Pocitos, Ramirez, Carrasco and several others), include a visit to Piriapolis, La Paloma, Punta del Diablo and wild Cabo Polonio for instance.

If you'd rather be in the spotlight for your summer holidays (remember that summer goes from December to March in South America), José Ignacio, Punta del Este and surroundings is the port of call.

You'll be rubbing shoulders with international celebrities and millonaires of all sorts. Please note that the cost of your holidays is likely to increase in about fifty percent.

Ecotourism or Rural tourism is another wonderful option to explore Uruguay, particularly for those seeking Nature and tranquility, away from the busy and crowded city life many of us lead.

The country has a long standing ranching tradition, where the gaucho way of life and traditions is still pretty much alive, so you'll immerse yourself in the Urugayan culture of the countryside within a peace and calm environment.

To this end, several estancias have opened their doors to international tourism over the last few years, where you can interact with real gaucho characters, go for horseback riding, drink the popular mate, relax and enjoy delicious meat cooked their way, as asado or parrillada.

Birdwatching is another good reason to visit Uruguay - it has 450 different species of them - so it's to take a wine tour (try the national red produced from Tannat grapes).

Fifteen of Uruguay’s boutique wineries have created what is known as Wine Roads (Los Caminos del Vino), a circuit to visit family-owned bodegas. The country is the fourth-largest producer of wines in South America.

And last but not least, if you're fond of history and architecture, do spend sometime exploring the old city (Ciudad Vieja) of Montevideo, with colonial, Baroque and classical buildings of great architecture and patrimonial value. Do explore the port area - the port market fundamentally - the ideal place to order a chivito - Uruguay's trademark sandwich.

A visit to Colonia del Sacramento is a must-do in this context. Located on the shores of the river plate (Rio de la Plata), it's Uruguay's oldest city and a World Heritage Site, in front of Argentina's capital, Buenos aires.


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